Wrinkles: The Best Offense is a Great Defense
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And in our war on wrinkles, defending your skin is the name of the game! But let’s face it; sometimes your defense needs some new ammunition.

First, let’s look at why some wrinkles appear and what we can do about it.

There are two types of wrinkles…

  • Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that are caused by muscle action under the skin.
  • Static wrinkles are caused by how your skin is attached to the tissue underneath. You were born with these attachments, but every year these attachments get weaker and turn into wrinkles which may turn into folds.
  • So how do you defend yourself from these types of wrinkles? Here’s what we recommend:

    1. Hyaluronic Acid: Skin is naturally rich in this acid. As you age, you lose more and more of this component every year. Quite simply, it’s what keeps you looking young. Hyaluronic acid is now available as a topical application in a gel or emulsion form. It usually takes the form of dehydrated hyaluronic acid. Once this comes in contact with your skin, the fluid in your skin activates it and causes an increase in the volume of skin cells and consequently a reduction in wrinkles!

    2. Règèn de Peau II with Pene-Fusion 8™ Technology by Oli Scarlato is one of the first products on the market containing a revolutionary enzyme formulation that dramatically decreases dark under eye circles and facial discoloration while visibly reducing deep lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. The use of marine, vegetable and herbal extracts along with amino acids, proteins and other vitamins required to rebuild skin are encapsulated within this product. Working at the cellular level, skin is moisturized, hydrated and protected against free radical damage.

    3. Peels: Some experts consider this a misnomer because a peel is a two step process with no actual peeling going on. You would first apply an exfoliating acid on the skin to remove dead skin cells and the second step would be to apply a neutralizing agent and condition the skin. Basically, a peel takes off the dead skin cells and then nourishes the skin. That makes your skin look brighter, and reduces acne scars and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In essence an overall glow!

    4. Astaxanthin: This is a naturally occurring biological anti-inflammatory antioxidant. It is marine-based and is produced by plants and microalgae. There are just a few products on the market today containing this antioxidant that can be used in an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory capacity.

    5. Peptides: Combined with other antioxidants, peptides work to reverse the effects of aging.

    6. Vitamin C: Considered an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for the skin that protects the collagen in your skin. Many topical products contain Vitamin C. It is one of many natural ingredients that can help you combat the effects of aging.

    There are many, many more ingredients and products on the market to combat wrinkles that – believe it or not – really do work. These are just a few. In the months to come, we’ll bring you more. Stay tuned!

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