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Picture-Perfect BrowsEyebrows are the frames of your face. When they’re too thin, too thick, unshaped or over-plucked, they can undermine your entire look. Perfectly coiffed brows, however, act like a mini-facelift, making you look years younger. Here are a few ideas for creating beautiful brows:

Create the perfect shape.
Getting the shape of your brows right is the first step. You may want to go to a professional to have them done initially and then maintain them at home. Or if you want to shape them yourself, try using the three-point pencil technique for creating the perfect arch:

1. Line up a pencil or pen vertically from the side of your nostril up to your eyebrow. This is ideally where you want your eyebrow to begin.

2. Now angle the pencil from the side of your nostril to the outside of your iris. This is where the highest part of your arch should be.

3. Lastly, angle the pencil from the side of your nostril to the outer part of the eye. The spot where it intersects with your brow is where your eyebrow should naturally end.

Joan Rivers Great Brow DayDon’t over-tweeze.
Many women get overly enthusiastic with the tweezer and end up with thin, sparse-looking brows. If you have an eyebrow hair that’s growing in gray or growing too long and you’re tempted to tweeze, try trimming it with a pair of scissors instead. If you want to thicken your brows, consider trying an eyebrow growth product. For a temporary fix, try filling it in with Joan Rivers Great Brow Day or Touchback Browmarker, a soft-tip marker that enhances the fullness of eyebrows.

Pay attention to color.
Don’t forget the color of your brows when changing the color of your hair. You may need to lighten or darken them to keep them looking more natural.

Joan Rivers Great Brow Day

Use the right tools.
The right tools are key to creating and maintaining picture-perfect brows. Try a kit that has everything you need to maintain your brows at home or in between visits to your esthetician.

And finally…
Remember that your eyebrows are sisters, not identical twins. The natural shape may vary slightly from brow to brow, and that’s okay!

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