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Home for the Holidays

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Following the delicious Thanksgiving feast that is almost here, many of us will dust off our box of holiday decorations this weekend and begin thinking about hanging wreaths, draping garland and trimming the tree with twinkling lights. If you are looking to freshen up your holiday décor this season, we would love to help! Beginning today, you can enter our “Home for the Holidays” giveaway and possibly win your choice of 3 of our beautiful Christmas stockings, which can be personalized if you choose, and also the Nest 3-Wick Holiday Candle, a delightful blend of Pomegranate, Mandarin Orange, Pine, Cloves and Cinnamon packaged in a festive flocked red box


with golden accents.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below with your favorite holiday decorating idea or tip!

The entry

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period will last until 11:59 PM CST, Sunday, November 25, and the winner will be randomly chosen and announced the next day.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Amanda

    I like to get a clear glass ornament and small strips of paper. Have you and your partner write out things you love about each other or your hopes and dreams on the papers. Fill the ornament with the papers and some glitter. Write your names and the year on the outside. It is great for a first Christmas for a couple or child. It also makes a neat wedding or anniversary gift. It is special to reread them years later. Merry Christmas!

  2. WJ

    I love to put a bright red bow on our mailbox!

  3. Connie

    Use clear plastic zipper bags in various sizes to sort and store all kinds of holiday decorations like ornament hooks, ribbons, gift tags, garland beads, tinsel, etc.. The stored bags take up much less space than the original cartons, and the contents are easily identifiable.

  4. Sallee

    I enjoy reusing last year’s holiday cards as gift tags the next year. It lovely to reread the notes, then carefully cut the pictures on the cards to best display the message to the gift recipient!

  5. Helen

    We begin by subtly bringing out the Christmas linens after we put the Thanksgiving things away. Then simply place the Bath linens and decorate one room at a time, saving the Family room and front windo trees for nest to last. Finally, the yard decorations – Eave lights, front entrance trees with lights and yard ornaments to complete our decorations…

  6. Billie

    One of my favorite things is to collect nativities. I have a nativity that I made several years ago and we always make sure to choose a special place every year.

  7. M. J.

    The first thing to come out after Thanksgiving are a few Christmas pillows. It’s quick, easy, and “it be(gins) to look a lot like Christmas.”

  8. Dianne

    Getting out all the old ornaments from 35 to 40 years ago, remembering what we were doing during those times, filling empty glass ornaments with either glitter; dripping different colors of paint in them, and turn them so the colors collide,especially pastel colors, beautiful. We always wrapped a “special” present for our girls and they opened them on Christmas Eve, this was planned with their new pajamas and robes to sleep in and wear the morning of Christmas, many happy memories.

  9. Shelly

    I keep the tradition my sister and I had. Every year we get 2 trees. 1 big one for the living room and one for the kids. They decorate thiers with a new ornament every year and any special ornaments they have made over the years. They take ownership and pride and I don’t have to worry so much about them being careful with overly delicate ornaments!

  10. Karen

    I decorate the fireplace with lights.

  11. Debbi

    Love your catalogs and items. I encourage you to keep adding more petite items as that is what I am. Thank you

  12. Eileen

    My favorite tip goes back 37 tears ago, when my son was born. I began buying him an ornament that had/has something to do with a special milestone in his past year. Heturned 37 in July and this years ornament is a homemade HANGER because he just opened a Dry Cleaner business. He has always looked forward to his Christmas Tradition, and this year will be just as exciting!! He has years of memories relating to his life and what was happening each year. :)

  13. Betty

    I like to add natural elements like pine cones, pine boughs, leaves and branches.

  14. Judy

    I love to hang the Christmas cards I get during the season for all to see!

  15. Pam

    Maybe it’s my age(just turned 60), but I love decorating with anything vintage…ribbons, lace, old Christmas cards, ornaments. I am using aqua and white this year with touches of pink in memory of my mother.

  16. Carol

    I grew up on a farm and we made our own Christmas wreaths and centerpieces from the bounty on the farm. Running cedar, pine cones, berries and pine cuttings made beautiful natural decorations.

    I have continued that tradition in my North Carolina home. I use cypress, nandina berries and pine cones to create center pieces,decorate my mantel, and trim the mailbox. Freshly cut cypress with a bow and Christmas balls in a galvanized vessel makes a welcoming decoration for my front porch or inside on a side board. I also use lots of scented candles and unique ribbon to dress up the Christmas tree, chandeliers and the mailbox.

    Nature is full of bounty usable for inside and out to make your home beautiful for the holidays. Lastly, I plan well in advance beginning in November and do a little each weekend focusing on a single decorating task each weekend and making it as unique as possible. We travel during Thanksgiving so when we return we turn on the lights and enjoyed our home trimmed inside and out. This advance preparation greatly reduces stress and allows our family to focus on spending time together for the month of December.

  17. Adrienne

    I love having scented candles around the house, light them; thus, “scenting”, beautifying, and “lighting” the house and the atmosphere for when the family comes!, accompanied by their presence. Candles add such a WONDERFUL touch for a dinner, as well as, creating a festive and pleasant feeling of togetherness.

  18. lisa

    My sisters and I exchange Christmas ornaments each year. I find a special ornament and buy one for each sister and our mom…oh and of course myself. My sisters do the same. We call it the ‘Sister Ornament’. I have four sisters so I receive several new ornaments each year. We’ve done it for 25 years. Every year when I pull out my ornaments to decorate the tree I reminisce about who gave me each ornament. My tree is full of so many wonderful memories!

  19. Kristen

    We have a white elephant Christmas exchange. Everyone draws a number from a hat. #1 goes first. #2 can either take #1’s present or choose a new present. Presents can only be “stolen” three times. It’s a lot of fun!

  20. Cathy

    Going to the Christmas tree farm every year the day after Thanksgiving with all my kids and grandchildren and picking out our tree and wearing my favorite sweater from Soft Surroundings!

  21. Hope

    Decorating a tree for the birds outdoors.

  22. margaret

    Living four hours drive from my family prevents me from visiting with relatives often. I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as they provide me with time to see my family. It is also an occasion yo present ourselves in a festive spirit. Through your guidance in fashion, we look pretty darn presentable.

  23. Jane

    One of my favorite family traditions for my daughter and I is to decorate the dinner table for Christmas.It’s not necessary to spend a great deal of money to achieve an elegant, distinctive table. I look to nature for my inspiration! We walk around our house and select cuttings from the trees and plants, acorns and pine cones and other beauties from the garden. I combine this with metallic gold painted oak and maple leaves, candles and favorite items from my hutch. I strive for a unstructured look that is elegant, yet simple.

  24. Annette

    Keep the house filled with the fragrance of Christmas, wonderful cinnamon, oranges, cloves, vanilla.

  25. Paula Jo

    Place mulling spices in a small piece of cheese cloth. Attach it to a cork so that it floats. Place it into a pot with a bottle of wine. Put orange slices in after it is warm. Remove spices and serve. Reusable…just freeze!

  26. Robert

    SoftSurroundings makes it easy to find clothing items for my girlfriend. She Always likes my choices, and you Know how hard it is for a man to find clothing items the woman in his life will truly enjoy.
    I’ve been a faithful shopper for several years and have never been disappointed.

  27. Patricia

    I love decorating the outdoor tree.

  28. andie

    My decorating tip is to shop for ornaments and other goodies AFTER Christmas. You can get discounts up to 90% off. The best part is “discovering” what you bought when you take everything out almost a year later to decorate. A mini Christmas for yourself!

  29. Dawn

    I love taking my pictures down off the wall and wrapping in classy holiday paper with ribbons and bows. Very simple and very beautiful!

  30. Donna

    I love to bake Christmas cookies and pies. The smell in my house puts you in the spirit of the holidays.

  31. Jonnie

    For a spectacular wreath and sparkling white Christmas- I buy inexpensive white pine wreaths…spray white paint on magnolia leaves, brush mod-podge on the tips, dip in crystals, glue leaves(tips out)under the needles and hang with a gorgeous wide holiday ribbon.

  32. Sue Ann

    Instead of a Star or Amgel on top of the tree, I like to make a huge multi layered bow with beautiful Gold wide ribbon with long streamers that reach the bottom of the tree. It almost looks like a present itself.

  33. Paul

    Luminarias which are a paper sandwich bag with some sand and a candle inside are a great decoration.

  34. Lisa

    In Central Alabama, white pine garlands can be purchased at home stores (Home Depot, Lowe’s)for under $10, for 6 ft. (This year they were $5 each as a doorbuster!) I buy these and drape them on railings, mantels, etc. Then, to fill them out, and make them more “lush”, I collect greenery from our yard, the woods, and along roadsides (where it is ok to do this), as well as small branches with blue, red, purple and even orange berries, to tuck into the garlands. A small amount of fresh fruit from the grocery store adds even more charm (ie pomegranates, lemons, limes, tangerines, etc, and even whole nuts) If I want to add in any ribbons, these can be bought by the roll at hobby stores (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s) at already-discounted prices or with a 40% off coupon. By the time it is finished, it looks like a magazine layout! And, it really doesn’t cost that much! If you already have faux greenery, you can still use it. Just start with it and add the real stuff all around it. By the time you are finished, it will look 100% real!

  35. Kris

    Attend a holiday gathering & bring a useable hostess gift: A small stainless steel colander, filled with fresh colorful fruits, and cute kitchen towels, all wrapped in cellophane tied with a festive bow. The hostess can choose to display it in her kitchen, then use the colander & towels all year long! Of course, the BEST gift would be rolling up your sleeves and helping with the after-party clean-up!! That would make any hostess smile—Priceless!

  36. Chris

    Our decorating annually consists of a gathering of family to hang all the radko ornaments on the tree.

  37. Ann

    I collect pinecones from the neighbors trees (some I glitter and some just natural) use as vase filler with string lights and branches/bark (add what moves you or scents of the season). Keep it natural and simple. Great hostess gift!

    Love the stockings reminds me of Colorado and a simple natural Christmas. Happy Holidays to ALL!

  38. Rebecca

    A country girl at heart I am still inspired by the soft surroundings of Christmas. Pine trees, Pine cones, smells of nature, snow on the ground, pecans on the ground alas my home is furnished for the holidays with these very natural things.
    I believe a person must feel the season and surround themselves with everything that inspires the best of the holiday.
    Take a simple deer Horn found along our property. Fill it with pine cones, nuts, horse apples, catails and berries. All from our land. My daughter and I trek the 300 acres and come home with our stash to decorate and reel in nature.
    Use what you have, start a tradition, and you will forever be surrounded in the these you love.

  39. Connie

    Planning an event or party.. brings to mind the 7 P’s of Marketing.
    1. PLAN~what, when, where, who.
    2. PROCESS~ planning all details.
    3. PEOPLE~my invite list.
    4. PROMOTION~guests Invites: email, postal mail, phone call or face to face.
    5. PRICE~budget$ the event.
    6. PRODUCTS~Food, ALL beverages,centerpieces,candles, decorations, linens,china, music, entertainment etc.
    7. Physical evidence~ Plan an event my guest will enjoy & remember.
    All ends with a “Perfect Phenomenal Party”!

  40. Lou

    Holidays are a time of love, peace, and happiness. I like the house to reflect that in fresh ways daily!

  41. Emily

    We are having an ugly dress Christmas party!

  42. Maryellen

    I love making my family happy with tradition. Focus on family, food and fun! Think ahead and do ahead!

  43. Eva

    Use pinecones decorated with glitter for name cards at the dinner table

  44. Suzan

    Love decorating! I enjoy finding vintage items and mixing them with modern things so no one will have the same look that I do. Love vintage 1950’s pixies and add lights and snow and great fun!

  45. Colleen

    We used to line up every Teddi Bear we had, (and my daughters had plenty in all shapes & sizes) and tie festive ribbons around them and line them up the stairs for the Holidays. It was a simple chore that my daughters loved doing every year.

  46. KAREN

    I use real Frasier Fir to decorate my fireplace & staircase. They last so long & smell heavenly.

  47. Kelley

    I like to hang lots of sparkly, reflective ornaments close to the white lights on the tree. Really makes the room glow when the tree lights are the only lights on in the room.

  48. Stephnie

    One of my most favorite and beautiful holiday decorations is also one of the simplest. I take a tall clear vase and fill it with fresh cranberries, cover with water and then place 2 or 3 dozen long stem white roses with greenery in the center of the cranberries. Gorgeous!

  49. Jan

    The two most important things I do for the holidays are plan ahead and comparison shop. It is too easy to be distracted by the decorations, sales, music etc. Have a plan!

  50. Gerry

    The holiday season begins with our grandchildren coming to our house to bring the decorations in from the garage. We have a nice meal and take our time decorating the house. We have many lovely things in addition to grandma’s homemade ornaments as well as the ones made by the grandchildren to put on the tree. There are candles and the wonderful aroma of Christmas cookies baking. The best part of the holidays is getting together with the family.

  51. Myra

    I love using fresh real plants around my home,like the seasonal flowers potted .They have to keep living, I do not use real Xmas trees,but fake ones. I loves candles to lite for the scents of the holidays around my home. Reds and greens and whites are strong colors to use and then I change from gold to sliver like every other holiday year. I love decorates I Can not only use doing the holidays but through the winter until spring. It just keeps me warm and joyful through our long hard winters here in the North West.

  52. Tawnya

    I hang small Christmas ornaments and my antique metal cookie cutters on all my house plants. Vases of red and white flowers also add a nice splash of color to any room!

  53. Wendy

    When I start decorating I put on the Nutcracker CD, crank it up, and decorate away!

  54. Kathleen

    I create a snow scene on my baby grand piano. I edge the piano with tiny lights and use a round mirror in the center for the skating rink. After all the houses and skaters are place I sprinkle everything with faux snow flakes. It’s my winter wonderland!

  55. Margery

    I pick up pine cones year around and you can use them just about anywhere when decorating for Christmas, you can paint them, glitter them, varnish them, so many beautiful ways to enhance your decor.

  56. Kara

    Not much room to decorate in a 13×30 house… but a vase of branches make a fine Christmas “tree” and a nice way to display a few favorite decorations!

  57. Carolyn

    I love the look of changing accents in the room to reflect Christmas including pictures with Christmas or winter scenes, red velvet drapes, and favorite Christmas decorations.

  58. Lori

    I make huge 8″ wide bows with wire ribbon and create a scalloped effect with my garland on my staircase; I place each bow at the apex of the outstretched garland.

  59. Judy

    I put little decorative candle rings on each candle of my candleabra to dress up this item that hangs from my ceiling and it becomes the focal point of my room.

  60. Carrie

    In order to give my Adirondack Room a Christmas touch, I hang shiny red, green, and gold Christmas Balls on the antlers of my husband’s mounted deer heads that hang on the walls. I also hang candy canes over the edge of my Adirondack pack baskets that are adorned with pine greenery. It gives the rustic room a bit of subtle adornment.

  61. Jill

    This is a great time of the year to green up my house and trim around the yard. Evergreens tucked over the mantle look and smell great! I use the floral water tubes that came with my valentine roses to keep them fresh. And it’s god for your garden to get a trim as well too…

  62. diane

    Tree Top–I love to find the prettiest spools of ribbon to grace the top of the tree each year. After the huge bow is made, I love to curl long tendrils of ribbon down the whole length of the tree. Now the tree looks like a Christmas present. One year I used candy cane striped ribbon, another year was a tartan plaid one. Use you imagination and style and don’t be afraid…

  63. Marie

    Making wreaths out of pine cones I pick up from my yard. Buy a round styrofoam circle and glue pinecones to cover the styrofoam. Add red berries and a bow to finish it. The birds love the berries.

  64. Mary

    My very first job was wrapping packages for the local jewelry store in my home town. I will age myself by telling you that we had a bow machine and spent hours turning the crank that applied the ribbon to the clear plastic pointed center of the bow. I still have a passion for wrapping my own packages but I use the left over greenery cut off the tree and pine cones I pick up in the yard. I wrap curling ribbon around one end, twist it and go around the other end, tie it off on the front around a piece of live greenery and a pine cone or two depending on the size. To tie the pine cone you simply place it over the ribbon near the end of the pine cone and thread it through to tie it off – it makes for a very lovely package.

  65. Kim

    Fresh greenery everywhere when you live in Florida because it reminds you of the Christmases we had when we lived up in New England. Great memories!!

  66. Angela

    My 6 year old son loves to have some holiday coffee creamer added to his milk as a holiday treat-Pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha and egg nog flavors all work well!

  67. Michelle

    As I’ve grown older, my priorities have shifted. I still have a few favorite Christmas decorations which belonged to my grandmother. However I find what I most love are natural elements, candles and flowers. Tucking some boughs or pine, with a sprinkling of berries and pinecones satisfies my spirit, and doesn’t clutter my home or my mind.

  68. Darlene

    I switch to a holiday fragrance natural cleaner it brightens my holiday spirit while I clean and brings a lovely Christmasy smell to everything I clean

  69. Maggie

    Oranges with whole cloves stuck in them for smell and visual on a nice platter. And bubble lights!

  70. Constace

    Home for the holidays. I’ve heard that saying so often in my life and yet frankly, I never quite understood its significance. It seemed cliche to me up until I had children and a “home” of my own.

    So, my take on “home for the holidays” may be different than the scents of the seasons, someone’s eggnog recipe or popcorn garlands. For me, home is wherever my husband and children are because they are my home.

    The subtle tranquil peace and comfort of us being within arms length of each other. The laughter, reminiscences of years gone by. The recollections of the four of us and the people who have shared our life.

    Home for the holidays is wherever you are with your loved ones. The ones physically present and the ones that live in our hearts everyday.

  71. Renetha

    During my younger years, my family had great Christmas celebrations. We put up lights, hunted for the perfect tree, had egg nog, Christmas music, lots of kid parties, cookies, and sledding when we lived in snowy areas. I will always cherish that time. Today, I live in a beautiful home with my husband, my 17, 15, and 11 year old sons. None of them have the desire to put up lights, trees or any kind of decoration. All they want are the gifts, well at least the kids do. As far as decorating goes, I love the electric candles in the windows.

  72. Diane

    String popcorn and cranberries to decorate the outdoor evergreens and leave a treat for the birds.

  73. Kathy

    Making a beautiful greenery decoration (bough) for my mailbox using evergreen cuttings, and bits of nature such as pinecones and berries dressed with a large mesh bow. This decoration sets off the outdoor decor!

  74. Cindy

    I love taking the box of small dried christmass tree branches that I have save for 20+ years, and displaying this is a large glass container. I surround the base of the container with branches from my current christmas tree and add fressh berries

  75. sharon

    The smell of traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the oven and simmering stovetop. Surrounded by daughter and grandchildren, taking turns telling what we’re thankful for, makes for beautiful memories.

  76. Melissa

    I love candles. I fell in love with the flameless candles in the catalog, I like the way the wax “drips” on them. I like to decorate with flameless candles but love a real, holiday scented candle for aromatherapy.
    “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”
    Happy Holidays! Melissa

  77. Nancy

    Playing Christmas Carole’s. I play the flute and my daughter plays violin.

  78. Sue

    Once the turkey is in the oven on Thanksgiving, we head out to cut greenery and branches to decorate window boxes and crocks inside the house. Great start to the holidays, and the scent of turkey dinner upon return is a wonderful bonus!

  79. Deb

    Part of my holiday decorating is displaying Christmas cards I have received by hanging them around the house. Guests enjoy reading the cards when they visit. Happy Holidays!

  80. Patricia

    I have made quilted Christmas ball ornaments (made with fabric squares and styrofoam balls) to decorate the tree in the past. This year, I am covering down ball-shaped pillows with covers that match the quilted balls on the tree to place on the sofa in the living room.

  81. Anne

    I like baking apple pies at the holidays. I use a Williams Sonoma apple peeler/slicer tool and then save the peels to boil in a pot with cinnamon and cloves to make the house smell nice.

  82. carie

    Out here in “Northern Utah” we have a Elk ranch that feeds the Elk and takes people around in horse drawn sleighs (with bells at xmas time)to view the Elk and their young. It is a wonderful thing to do near or on Christmas Eve. A lot of people in this area-make it a family tradition to go and do this every year with friends and or family. It really is a spectacular. It takes place all winter long up here.

  83. Cheryl

    For the past 5 years, my husband & I, (both senior citizens) have sat on Santas lap and had our picture taken and made into our Christmas card. Many of our friends keep the pic on their frig until the next years pic arrives and they laugh at us every day! We have children who think “Mom & Dad have lost it”, but they love it. I guess it’s our job to embarras our children–we’re havin’ fun and enjoying the holiday season!

  84. Drema

    We decorate our porch railings, an ‘often clipped’ small 5′ pear shaped arborvitae, a Japanese maple and a Weeping Cherry tree. We have tags on each strand of lights stating which tree or railing it belongs on so we don’t have to waste time guessing. When we’re done they go back into Rubbermaid containers with an 8 x 10 sheet of paper facing outwards with the same info on them so we know what container to grab for whichever job we’re tackling first. Jesus loves you! Be blessed!

  85. Gayle

    I always sit and read last year’s Christmas cards again before I address the new ones. Many pleasant memories!

  86. kathleen

    Boil cinnamon orange peel for a wonderfum smeelling house, Add any other spice you like.

  87. Patricia

    I purchased small (short) glass bowls at the dollar store and fill them with fresh cut flowers and/or evergreens, add a ribbon to make beatiful low-cost table centerpieces. Then you can give them to your guests as they leave as little gift.

  88. JoAnn

    Know matter where I was in my 57 years, my Dad and i had this secret, he called me every Christmas Day @ 3:00 in the A.M>, I miss that so much, he passed in 2001, so I set out a piece of Homebread and an orange for him because it is a simple of what Christmas is all about! I miss him ever so much!!!

  89. Robin

    A special way to wrap a present for the special people in your life – I use white utility paper (or freezer paper)to wrap the present. On my computer, I find a good picture of the person the gift is for, change it to sepia tones, print it and use double stick tape to attach it to the white wrapped package. I use brown twine to wrap around it with a simple bow-knot. It makes a quick, but thoughtful presentation of your gift.

  90. Nell

    One year we asked each one in the family to do something extraordinary for someone else, write about it and put in an envelope for the following year. Then we put the envelopes in the tree and read them during that holiday. It was quite moving!

  91. Linda

    This is so easy … and delicious!
    1) Prepare your favorite hot chocolate (the powder mixes work fine)!
    2) Add your favorite flavored creamer (I like to use hazelnut, but amaretto, heath bar, Bailey’s – are all delicious)!
    Serve in a special Christmas mug – sit by the fireplace with your favorite Christmas carols playing – and the lights on the tree flickering – and wait for Santa!

  92. Deborah

    Have oranges, cloves and cinnamon simmering in a crock pot all day. Leaves a festive scent in the air!

  93. Glenda

    I love to decorate with memories. I have pictures of my children and grandchildren on my tree. I have my husbandd’s grandmother’s musical angel displayed and treasured ornaments collected over the years.

  94. Lori

    Put an assortment of votive candles or candles of different heights on top of a cake stand sprinkled with artificial snow. Inexpensive and a lovely centerpiece.

  95. Sonja

    I love making a fresh Mistle Toe for Christmas.
    I use fresh holly with fake berries. Then I wrap a beautiful red or red plaid ribbon into a small bow.Add a ornament hook, hang in your favorite spot!Then surprise your loved ones!

  96. Bonnie

    I love to use fresh basil and other herbs in a homemade wreath, and then after the holidays, make a great stew with them!

  97. Martha

    My favorite decoration is….put mini-lights under white cotton on a shelf or any flat surface. Then, add all my Santa’s I have collected over the years. They look like they’re standing in a winter wonderland..especially when i turn all the lights off in the room…beautiful !

  98. Mary

    I love to welcome guests with the Creative Memories Every Day Display Board hung on my front door with their pictures and Christmas paper and stickers. I think it makes them feel welcome!

  99. Michelle

    Started this last year and can’t wait to do it again this year, was the biggest complimented decor, grap a pine spray(type is your preference) with my wooden ladder back chair (table and cpunter stools) II attached it to the back with ribbon and garnished with a few antiques silver bells and such! Just another “soft” accent of Christmas to my kitchen and dining room.

  100. Charlotte

    There’s nothing better than candles, the scent of gluwine, dogs asleep at ones feet, and of course, a home filled with loved ones.

  101. Nancy

    When entertaining dinner guests set the table the week before. And always have an empty dishwasher when the party begins.

  102. Karen

    Each year we all come together to make sugarcookie people and decorate them to resemble ourselves. The laughter and togetherness remind us of what a blessing it is to slow down and enjoy each others company.

  103. Paula

    One of my favorite things to do when my neices and nephews were young, and now I do it for tree and package decorations is to create fragrant ornaments made from cinnamon and applesauce, rolled out and cut with cookie cutters into festive shapes. Once dry they can be hung on the tree or packages and the beautiful fragrance will last for years. What great memories that brings back. Happy Holidays everyone.

  104. Penny

    For an inexpensive hurricane, go to your Dollar Tree store and buy 2 glass candle holders and 2 glass long white candles in a jar (slender). With the base being the candle holder, place E 6000 glue on the bottom of the glass candle jar and glue them together. I then let them dry for a day before using them. I even slide potpourri down between the sides of the hurricane and the candle. I attach a ribbon to the base of it to make it look more festive too. Too cute!

  105. Stephanie

    We love to decorate our deck with lights then sit and drink hot chocolate at the picnic table. I use frozen flavored marshmellows to cool and flavor the chocolate.

  106. Christina

    We have a large arch way in our home and we decorate around it with all our christmas cards from friends and family.

  107. Kathy

    I use the wide decorative mesh. I put it in my tree, my out door wreath, mantel, etc. I put lights with it and the reflections are beautiful.

  108. Tamara

    I have holly trees in my yard. Every year my mother and I trim branches after the berries are red to make wreaths and swags using dry cleaning hangers and floral wire.

  109. Cyndi

    To honor and remember those who serve in the military, I add an ornament representing each branch of the Armed Forces to our Christmas wreath.

  110. Lori

    Take a coffee tin and wrap it with Christmas wrapping paper. Then take a newspaper one sheet at a time. Roll up the sheets into small tubes. Wrap each tube with the same wrapping paper or complimentary paper taping each piece. Put the wrapped newspaper tubes into the wrapped coffee can. Put the can next to your fireplace and you now have a great fire starter for non gas fireplaces! Great way to rid yourself of two disposables and add color and holiday cheer to your living area.

  111. Leane

    I love to simmer a pot on the stove with apple peels (or orange peels…or both) and some cloves…possibly add nutmeg or cinnamon in there too. The great smell fills the house. Plus, it is a wonderful way to use the peelings from the fruit you eat. Refresh the house and reuse the peelings…..recycling, with a holiday spirit. :)

  112. Melissa

    Poking holes in oranges with a fork and then putting a clove down in each hole. Makes the entire room smell wonderful and like Christmas!

  113. Linda

    Went decorating the tree use a paper clip if an ornament hook is missing.

  114. Julie

    Make a centerpiece using: Christmas potpourri, lighted sprig (battery operated, Christmas pix or sprigs, Christmas Ribbon and a glass vessel– such as an urn or cylinder.

    Put potpourri in glass vessel, hide battery pack for lighted sprig in potpourri ( make sur it’s accessible to turn on), stick lighted sprig and other Christmas pix or sprigs in potpourri so they shoot out of the top of the vessel with lighted sprig. Tie Christmas ribbon around top, or middle of vessel. Very pretty with sheer fabric, colored beeds and candles around bottom of vessel.

  115. dal

    One of my favorite decorating ideas is to have a fruit and nut basket on the livingroom table. Apples are festive red that will always pull your attention.


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